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First month in Florida

In the month before coming to Florida I had deadlines for university, work, and had to start packing and take care of everything before starting my one year adventure. I had my embassy appointment quite late, so nearly every day of the month came with panic and a bit of anxiety, thinking I will not have it until I have to be in Florida.

After I got it, I could not believe that it is actually happening, I am actually going. I was excited, yet a bit nervous. When the day finally came, my friends walked me to the bus and it was hard to say goodbye, as everything seemed so unreal still.

When I arrived in Florida I met 2 of my friends on the plane, and then the other one came the next day. We started exploring Florida and going out and about.

The first week at work we had our orientation and lots of training, and then the following weeks we started to apply our knowledge by shadowing our colleagues. All of them are very nice, friendly and helpful and it made our start better. Working in a country club is very different to any other businesses I worked in, and I could feel the pressure of having to do everything as close to perfect as possible.

I realised that the most important traits I need would be patience, ambition and pisitivity, and with them this year would go smoothly. I am sure that I will learn a lot in the following months and that this year will play an important part in my personal growth.


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