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Second month in Florida

The second month of the internship I felt more confident at work, got to know the surroundings and enjoyed the experience more.

Me and my friends got closer and we would go out more, explore the city and enjoy the sunny weather. We met more people, started making frie ds at work as well, but we did struggle a bit as after a month you realise you’re not on a one year holiday and have to get used to a new routine.

On every Thursday at work we would receive a training on a different topic each week. On the first week we were trained on the types of wine, which I found very interesting. On the second one we got trained on how events are organised at the country club, and we would later on get the chance to shadow the event manager to learn more about it.

On the third week we talked about different cuts of steak and how to assess theit quality and I think all of these training together make it easier for us to serve and offer a nicer experience to memebers.

I enjoy the internship so far,and I’m looking forward to future trainings.

This month I also got hostess training and got to be a hostess on a few shifts, and it really helped me develop my time managing skills.

Outside work we participated in cultural exchange activities, like the 4th of July. The downtown was full, the fireworks were amazing and it was a very nice and lively atmosphere. Florida is a very good place to have fun for sure!


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